CRM Implementation Services

Increase the ROI of your sales, marketing and customer service activities. 
MarTech Panthers has 15 years of experience in CRM consulting and implementation.  This is where we debug, rework and fine-tune existing systems or develop new ones in order to get transparency, automation and consistency in sales, marketing and customer service processes. 


Effective Features

Whatever Your CRM Stage Is, There Are Plans With Features !

CRM implementation services result into a system that lets you record details about your potential customers, and also enables you to succeed in marketing campaigns and provide high quality support. 

CRM launch

We are glad that you bravely come to us to improve your sales and customer service. We will design and install a suitable CRM system that will be very useful for you.

CRM migration

Is your CRM system based on legacy architecture creating issues in efficiency?We will develop a CRM strategy, design a custom system that suits your needs best and smoothly transfer your customer data.

CRM consolidation

By now, your team surely dreads working with multiple disconnected systems!We can assist you in developing an enterprise-wide CRM system where your previously fragmented data will be integrated.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration is a process of connecting your CRM system with different software applications, sharing data and automating tasks. This can lead to better efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. One of the common examples of which is the integration of your CRM with email marketing software, accounting software, or e-commerce platform. 


Benefits of CRM

CRM integration helps in improving the internal processes, increasing the data accuracy, and enhancing the customer experience. It pushes revenues through smooth data streaming and gives rise to more communication opportunities among the working groups. Furthermore, Integrated CRM systems offers insightful data analysis tools hence informed decision making process become possible. Delve deeper into the article to discover the significance of CRM integration. 

Need of CRM

A CRM has the ability to sort, analyze, and prioritize your sales leads so your sales team to can concentrate on the opportunities that are expected to close and routinely supply the customer with an accurate answer—quick and on point as a result—and your customer service team with information they need for upselling and cross-selling.



Frequently asked questions

What CRM software features should I be looking for to fit my company's needs?

For you to choose a CRM that meets the needs of your industry and clientele, you need to evaluate the features of the tool to identify the one that solves your problems. These three core features, however, are essential for most businesses:These three core features, however, are essential for most businesses:

Contact management
Tracking customer interactions
SEO features

Yet, the organization and management of contacts also ranks as a core but imperative component of your CRM. Contact management involves entering and storing the contact information like names, phone numbers and email addresses. It must be simple to additionally segment the contacts into categories , likened to prospects and buyers.

Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing this feature is the possibility to monitor clients´ different touches. You can easily keep a record of phone calls, emails, meetings, and social media chats. Genealogy can be an extremely useful where one can learn of a client's problems and meet the needs.

Moreover, the importance of SEO features is another aspect to be taken into account in CRMs. The keywords you use should be the ones that will bring the leads that are really interested in your products or services. Conversion of clients is yet another fundamental step that you must continue with after you've attracted them. Pick a CRM that is going to make this easier, or even help you with both of these tasks.

How much can I expect to pay for a CRM software platform?

It is not easy to answer this, as the CRM software prices depend on your options. Some CRMs are free, while others are in the range of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

The CRM’s pricing will be based on the features it offers, and also on how big your company is. If you run a small business with a tight budget, you may think about a CRM application that is available for free or one that has a pay-per-use pricing plan. Nevertheless, if you have a bigger budget and require more advanced features, you will most probably have to pay more for your CRM.

The crème de la crème quality CRMs including Hubspot Sales Hub will cost you $50 per month for the basic features. The customized professional plan, which has more functions, is starting at $500 per month. Moreover, the enterprise plan which has all the bells and whistles costs $1,200 per month.

How will CRMs help track the effectiveness of our marketing?

CRMs can be used to evaluate the performance of marketing in various spheres. First they are the place where you need to store all that marketing stuff for now and the contacts for the future. It allows users to compare the performance of campaigns easily, while also providing guidance on how to improve poorly performing ones.

On the other hand, most CRMs have strong analytical and reporting tools. These tools can be used to measure ROI of your marketing campaigns and ascertain which of the campaign is most productive.

CRMs along with their ability to leverage streamlined communication among different departments is one more could that help in tracking marketing effectiveness. If your company employs different marketing platforms, a CRM can help to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the information is perpetually being exchanged between departments.