Introduce Yourself. Now let's make your digital card!

We launch our digital business cards solution—a colorful, expressive replacement to the traditional business cards. Raise your online presence the easy way with vital info and links, letting you style of networking match style and convenience.

What is digital business card?

Virtual business cards the creation of more than contact details; they are more of a reflection of your brand. By using charms sliders saying out sustainability, then they select influencers to ignite the change. They act as the memory cards which store extremely important information, helping in preserving the environment and fuel. Custom from different templates option, share it very easily and increase your brand picture without struggle. . Create a better and quicker networking experience that will help you with your first impression and instilling your brand story.


Ideal for teams & businesses of all sizes

The digital card service is flexible and is suitable for use by teams and companies of different sizes. Our fully customizable online presence option offers a way to establish your presence. Apply your imagery choice to reflect your distinctive style or particular personality without breaking a sweat. Whether you are an owner of a small-scale business or a representative of a large corporation, our digital cards are the up-to-date business card alternative that will both connect you with others and make a long-lasting impression in the digital age.

What is benefits of business digital cards?

Our digital card is aiming on protecting Mother Earth before generating profit. An online business card is the surest current substitute for the printed or physical business cards. Furthermore, it promotes the implementation of environmental measures. Regarding price, we have multiple packages tailored for individuals and businesses of different sizes.



Frequently asked questions

What are business digital card?

Digital business cards are an innovative method for sharing your contact via personal or business needs. It will be a tiny but fully packed site with all the info a user needs to get hold of you. As opposed to the conventional physical cards, virtual business cards are much cheaper, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

Are traditional and electronic business cards the same?

Traditional and digital business cards are neither the same. Nonetheless, their purpose is identical. The only difference between the traditional card and the digital card is that the traditional card is tangible, but the digital card is virtual.

The business cards are printed on physical cards for personal communication. Although, virtual business card can be sent in an email or through social media, still it is a paperless way of exchange.

How much do the digital business cards cost?

Digital business cards from Designhill are structured in such a way that there are two subscription options for your differing requirements. To enjoy the long-term value and convenience, you can select an annual subscription. Alternatively, you can choose a shorter one.

6-month plan according to your specifications. They offer you templates that are editable as well as simple design tools which allows you to build a stunning virtual business card.

The price is determined by the plan you select. Let's see the overall pricing here.