Scale Your Team's Outreach & Get Them To Close Deals Faster

Boost your sales force effectiveness and expedite deal closing velocities with our LinkedIn automation tool. Through lead generation optimisation our product increases efficiency and allows the team to quickly and effectively find and contact potential customers. With complex automation tools like custom messaging and outreach campaigns, we ensure that your team is in its optimum performance in capturing the key leads. Scale your outreach and speed up the sale process with our tool, which is a game-changer, and will show to your team members how to interact with prospects on LinkedIn.


Effective Features

Accelerate your Prospecting Results

Keep your team busy with closing more deals. Automate your lead generation process to help your sales team focus on their real job: Closing more leads. Make sure your team is logging all the data into the CRM.

Customer Success & Support

The assigned technical support team will design a and lead you through your automation journey for the purpose of your success. Being an experienced and technologically competent team in Linkedin automation along with cloud-based software, Ours is the one to opt for.

Easy To Use Platform You Will Love

Our platform is designed to make that process hassle-free and easy with its user-friendly and intuitive interface. It takes only a few minutes of your time to design a campaign. This is the instruction you use which is short, dependable and help to complete tasks.

Advanced Automation

Personalize your campaigns for having that humanly feel. Use our artificial intelligence to write paragraphs for you for free after entering topics below. Writing samples couldn't be generated due to an unknown error. Empathize keywords that make every mutual linkhand indicator more personal & unique for improved message outreach.

Unlimited Follow-ups

Create an unlimited amount of follow-up messages for all your campaigns. Nurture every lead and never miss another sale again.

Analyse & Create Reports

Get results faster with the help of data-driven strategies Your Dashboard will show you why your lead generation process works or doesn’t, so you can produce better leads in a shorter period.


Get your leads well managed with multiple data organization methods like our topnotch inbox filters as well as the unlimited webhooks & in-depth integration with your favorite CRM.


Turn your LinkedIn to a Lead Converting Machine

Having served such a number of years, we are the ideal technology partner that you can always count on that delivers. 90% of clients stay around average for 18 months.

Distinctive Branding Quickly Grow your Leads & Outbound Sales

Facilitate the quickening of the sales department by relieving them from the tedious duties which they usually handle. Your crew, probably, are more interested in LinkedIn meetings. Nevertheless, I am convinced that our booked meetings are another untouched source we have chances to gain. 


Understand the art of using LinkedIn correctly