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Match your CRM tools to your business purposes and goals. Among the options, HubSpot is the best choice for financial services companies that seek to expand. Among others, we provide HubSpot CRM migration from Salesforce, Pipedrive, Highrise, and many others on the market. Get familiar with one of our routine moves or arrange a consult with our website experts.

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What is a CRM Migration & Integration?

Turn Your Team Into HubSpot Experts

When new customers are looking to get onto HubSpot, they always face at least one of two major hurdles when it comes to their data:

Our certified technical HubSpot experts can solve for both to ensure your data health is optimal and updating seamlessly that way you’re always getting most out of HubSpot’s automation capabilities.


What Our Migration Process Looks Like?

The years of experience, success and failure has helped us in optimizing our process to give the best results in return to our clients and customers in delivering the project effectively and efficiently.

Step 1
Identifying your migration requirements

We start our HubSpot migration by having a talk with you, clearly stating your requirements, what data you want and do not want to migrate.

Step 2
Assessing your data

We will analyse your site/CRM data and, once we know how to go about the migration, we will indulge ourselves in the process right away. The goal is to assist you in developing a road map of your migration.

Step 3
Looking for the changes

We may well arrive with the proposed alterations during the webpage or CRM data migration process. We will inform you and will settle on the good benefit from the changes.

Step 4
Start the migrating process

After we finish talking about the bypasses, we launch our migration process using the help of our HubSpot experts. We do our utmost to ensure that all of the stipulated migration needs are catered for.

Step 5
Performing a quality check

Upon a successful migration of a site or a CRM data, we do some checks if every HubSpot CRM module is performing well and integrated properly. Automated testing by a skilled team is needed to confirm proper performance and integration.


FAQs About Our HubSpot Migration Services​

Can you migrate a private website? And what if I have a staging website?

When it comes to migrating the private sites, we are out of HubSpot’s migration service. It is imperative for you to give us a live link where we can find the separate HTML and CSS codes you are currently using for the website. We’ll go ahead and redesign your website HubSpot CMS and integrate those HTML/CSS within it.
(If you have a live URL to your staging site, then we can migrate it as well).

What are the content types you cannot migrate?

Here’s the list of content types and other things that cannot be migrated in our HubSpot Migration services:
Login or members-only section,For example, a calculator which utilizes server-side scripts may be incorporated as part of such functionality.
Progressive and logic forms:Database-driven pages,Ads and live chat,Videos clip,mega menus, image based menu or menu with non linked content (this one is not yet understood) (description or paragraph content).
Grades, reviews, comments, or any other contents submitted through user are essentials.
Flash based contentThe lonesome ones all are the features we do not move in the HubSpot data migration service information.

What elements would look different after migration?

Please be advised that after HubSpot website migration, you will observe changes in the rollover effects, tables, anchor tags, pop ups, spacing, non-standard fonts, responsive layout may change.

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