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Whether you are an organization that is just starting out in HubSpot CRM or a business that wants to take it to the next level with your marketing team, Our HCTs are here to help you become the HubSpot G. O. A. T. at your organization. This way you will be assisted by our power users and super admins to get through all the features within your portal and be introduced with effective usage of HubSpot features and setting.

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HubSpot Training for All Experience Levels:

Whether Marketing Hub is new to you today or you are more interested in Ops Hub and its features, we can help further.

At the start of your training, you will be granted with an access to your unique onboarding page where you will be able to see your goals, timeline, and materials specifically for your team in addition to recordings of the onboarding and live chat.

It is far from necessary to be on your own when you have a partner like us on your side.

Effective Features

HubSpot Training in Key Hubs

We handle the heavy lifting of customizing HubSpot to your own business needs and processes. Our training & on-boarding program is approximately 4-6 weeks per hub.


Marketing Hub

Master the tool that helps digital marketers plan and execute content and campaigns, manage emails, organize social media, automate processes and more with HubSpot Marketing Hub and the CRM.


Sales Hub

Empower your sales team to book more meetings, streamline communications and task management and track leads more effectively in HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM.

The Process We Follow

Our Hubspot Training Process

We handle the heavy lifting of customizing HubSpot to your own business needs and processes. Our training & on-boarding program is approximately 4-6 weeks per hub.

Step 1
Discovery Call

Normally, in less than 10 business days, you will have a Discovery Call slot with our Strategist. They will incorporate learning from your business use case and come to know what systems you still utilize.

Step 2
Process Call

Co-operate with your Strategist to identify the various business, marketing and/or sale processes so that our team can proceed with designing all of them.

Step 3
Weekly Meetings

It is our desire and commitment to inform you what has been achieved and what is upcoming in the next coming week by our Strategist. It is also the time that we can answer additional questions if any.

Step 4
Technical Setup

In the meantime, between the weekly sessions, our technical specialists work on the integration of the HubSpot, construction of the necessary tools and adaptation to the needs of your company.

Step 5
CRM Review and Handoff

Upon the completion of the setup, you will have a 30 minutes call with your assigned Strategist to review the setup and providing all required information and materials to you and your team.

Step 6
Ongoing Support

Our goal is for you to become fully operational on your own in 4-6 weeks. However, for clients who require continuous and extensive support apart from onboarding, our rates begin at 20,000 per month.


FAQs About Our HubSpot Implementation Services​

What is HubSpot Training?

HubSpot Training entails understanding how to utilize HubSpot marketing, selling, servicing, and CRM platforms. The training may comprise of courses, certifications and practical hands- on workshops.

Who can benefit from HubSpot Training?

Current and potential users of HubSpot include sales professionals, marketers, customer support specialists, small businesses, and anybody wanting to advance business solutions as it affects their company and its customers.

How long does HubSpot Training take?

The length of HubSpot Training depends on the course or certification being offered. Fundamental programs may be completed in a few hours, while more extensive training courses can last for tens of hours, days, or even weeks.

Can HubSpot Training be customized for my business?

Yes, we provide training but depending on your company’s needs it has to be arranged. It is possible to engage partners or consultants from HubSpot and design a training program depending on the team’s needs.

How can HubSpot Training benefit my business?

HubSpot Training can help your business by:HubSpot Training can help your business by:

  • Improving Efficiency: Solving the problems that are related to marketing, sales and customer service functions.
  • Enhancing Skills: Providing your team with the most up to date best practices and knowledge.
  • Increasing ROI: How to increase effectiveness of the use of the tools provided by HubSpot for achieving better outcomes.
  • Staying Updated: Staying abreast to new developments and techniques in the utilization of technology in marketing and selling.

Client Feedback

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Amar S

Email Marketing Expert

"MarTech Panthers expertly integrated HubSpot, aligning sales and marketing for streamlined processes and successful lead generation. Highly recommended."


Jiman V

Founder VJ Industries

"MarTech Panthers delivers outstanding results in HubSpot implementation & integrations. Highly recommended!"