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Our free HubSpot audit will guide you through understanding how you use the software and suggestions on how to use it better.

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What to Expect From Your HubSpot Audit

We’ve been a HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2022, and we know the tools to use to grow your business.



What Our Hubspot Audit Process Looks Like?

It has been a long, bumpy road with our share of victories and defeats.  But this sure hasn’t stopped us from appreciating exactly how learning from the mistakes results in process optimization, consequently leading to the best product delivery for our customers. 

Step 1
Submit Your Audit Request

Take a couple of steps and fill out this form and our skilled team will access your site to make a HubSpot Financial Review. When you click submit, it will lead you to a calendar where you can choose the convenient date for your meeting.

Step 2
We Examine Your HubSpot CRM

With our team, you can assess how properties are used, companies are represented, contacts are arranged, lifecycle stages and more.

Step 3
We Assess Your Marketing Hub

Secondly, we look into your marketing tool usage which include: email marketing, blogging, marketing automation, website and landing page performance among others.

Step 4
We Review Your Sales Hub

After analyzing marketing tools, our team turns to your sales process, including the usage of the rep activity reporting, sales sequences, playbooks, documents, snippets, templates and sales automation workflows.

Step 5
We Evaluate Your Service Hub

From the point of view of our team, the evaluation of service and support tool application includes the following aspects: ticket management, customer portal, knowledge base building, and customer feedback questionnaires.

Step 6
Get a Live HubSpot Audit Review & Consultation

At the end of the call, the HubSpot expert will go over their findings and send you a personalized HubSpot playbook which will include all the recommendations as well as actionable steps.


Who is this HubSpot Audit For?

If you’re using HubSpot but not seeing the desired results, this offer is for you:

Client Feedback

What our clients say about us

We are always thinking of our customers so that the customer is satisfied with us.


Amar S

Email Marketing Expert

"MarTech Panthers expertly integrated HubSpot, aligning sales and marketing for streamlined processes and successful lead generation. Highly recommended."


Jiman V

Founder VJ Industries

"MarTech Panthers delivers outstanding results in HubSpot implementation & integrations. Highly recommended!"